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What Our Farm Has To Offer

Pasture Raised

Pasture Raised

Pasture Raised

Low Fat. High Protein.

Antibiotic Free Non GMO

Customer Reviews

If you aren’t eating Eight Arrows Farm meat, you are missing out! Every time I serve their meat to a friend or family member, they always ask where I got it because it is so GOOD! Their meats are high quality and SO TASTY- you can’t beat them. Their chicken is our favorite, and their sausage is amazing!
Stephanie I.
Alice from Durham
Great family farm, great products! The brats are my absolute favorite, you won’t find anything better in any store around here. All meat products are delicious and very high quality. Worth every penny!
Amy P.
These people are the best! I highly recommend their chorizo. It feels good to support this business because they have high-quality standards and integrity. I’ve never met a kinder family, and they radiate joy in everything they do. I love supporting their family and their farm any chance I get!
Lindsay H.
Mom and Baby