The Chinchilla Rabbits began in France in 1913. Their majestic salt and pepper fur made it ideal for fur trade. Although it appears to be just grey, when one blows on the fur, there are actually four distinct bands of color. These original Chinchillas were tiny and only reached 5-7 pounds. In 1917, some were imported to England, and in 1919 the Chinchillas were presented at a fair in New York. Americans wanted something bigger. Using selective breeding based on their generous size, fine bones, and their dress out percentage, the Heavyweight Chinchilla was created. The adult rabbits weighed between 9-12 pounds. In 1924 the name was changed to the American Chinchilla. WWII, led to the demise of the fur trade in the 1940’s. Although these rabbits have a fine meat quality, they are now listed as critically endangered. They can only be found in the US and mainly in the Midwest regions. Eight Arrows Farm chooses to breed the American Chinchillas because they are a hardy and docile rabbit. We want to be good stewards of nature and protect this breed. Rabbits are an excellent source of protein and have more meat than a chicken. They are also much lower in fat. We feed our rabbits our own sprouted barley and supplement with organic, non gmo feed. Chinchilla rabbits have existed since 1913, and because of our sustainable farm practices, we hope to see them around for many years to come.

Whole- 2-5 lbs. avg.- $9.00/lb