Meat Chickens

At Eight Arrows Farm we raise Cornish Cross Chickens for meat. At about 3 weeks old, they are moved from the brooder box to the pasture. They spend their entire lives eating grass and scratching for bugs. About 75 birds live in a 12 x 12 chicken tractor that is protected with chicken wire. We move them every day. They are also given organic feed from Reedy Fork Farm to supplement their diet. They are processed around eight-ten weeks. Their meat is hardy and packed with nutrients. You can save the bones to make some super healthy bone broth.

Whole: $7 lb.

Boneless/Skinless Breast: $15 lb.

Tenders: $17 lb.

Wings: $8 lb.

Leg Quarters: $8 lb.

Feet: $5.00 lb.

Backs: $5.00 lb.

Liver: $5.00 lb.

Hearts: $6.00 lb.

Necks: $5.00 lb.