Laying Hens

We have a variety of egg layers on our farm. The brownish red hens are Rhode Island Reds. They are consistent egg layers. The black and white striped looking birds are called Barred Rocks. We have one Barred Rock rooster and his name is Buddy. He is the protector of the flock. The large golden color chickens are Buff Orpingtons. Their eggs are brown and huge! We have one Ameraucana, named Rainbow, also known as the Easter Egger. We hope to get more next year. Their colorful eggs can be blue, pink, or even purple! Our Jersey Giants are the black birds. Being one of the heaviest birds, they lay large brown eggs. One breed of chicken lays brown speckled eggs and they are the Welsummer hens. They are lighter in color than the Rhode Island Reds but look similar. The Blue Andalusians are our only white egg layers. They are the smaller chickens with grey looking feathers.

We rotate our birds on the pasture about 2-3 times a month. They love to eat fresh grass and search for new bugs. To be consistent egg layers, chickens need about 20% protein and about 14 hours of light. In addition to fresh grass, bugs, and worms we give them organic, non gmo feed from Reedy Fork Farms. They also receive grit, which they store in their gizzard, to help with digestion. Each night we close off the nesting boxes, to keep them clean, and lock up the chickens in the egg mobile. This and the electric fencing helps to keep predators away.

One Dozen Eggs- $7.00