Foraging throughout our wooded areas in the pasture you can see our Tamworth, Berkshire, Old Spot cross pigs. They love to root through the ground seeking out treasures to eat. We supplement with organic feed from Reedy Fork Farm. We use the pigs natural ability to dig to help turn up our garden and compost piles. This helps tremendously with the restoration of the soil.

Individual Cuts

Pork Tenderloin: $15.00 lb.

(Bone-In) Pork Chops: $12.00 lb.

Boston Butt: $9.00 lb.

Smoked Bacon: $12.00 lb.

Smoked Bacon Ends: $10.00 lb.

Pork Belly: $10.00 lb.

Ground Breakfast Sausage (mild/hot): $9.00 lb.

Ground Pork: $8.00 lb.

Chorizo: $9.50 lb.

Pinwheel Sausage Links: $10.00 lb.

Pinky Link Sausage: $10.00 lb.

Pork Liver: $4.00 lb.

Pork Neck Bones: $4.00 lb.

Pork Heart: $6.00 lb.

St. Louis Ribs: $9.00 lb.

Smoked Ham Hocks: $7.00 lb.

Pork Feet: $4.00lb.

Smoked Bone-in Ham: $10.00 lb.

Pork Kidneys: $4.00 lb.

Bratwurst: $10.00 lb.

Ground Pork #2 (Pet food): $5.00

Fat Back- $5.00 lb.

Jowls: $8.00 lb.

Cheek Meat: $5.00 lb.

Also available: Tail, Ears, Tongue, Melts (Spleen) $5.00 lb.