We raise Broad Breasted White Turkeys here on the farm. Like the other animals they are rotated on the grass and receive ORGANIC feed from Reedy Fork Farm.

$8 lb. and turkeys weigh between 15-18 lbs. Pay $25.00 deposit now and pay the balance at delivery.


Price List 


Whole: $7.00 lb. (average size 3lbs.)

Boneless/Skinless Breast: $15.00 lb. (2 breasts per package; average 1 lb.)

Tenders: $17.00 lb. (6 tenders per package; average .75lbs.)

Wings: $8.00 lb. (4 wings per package; average 1 lbs.)

Leg Quarters: $8 lb. (2 legs & 2 thighs per package; average 1.25 lbs.)

Feet: $5.00 lb. (2-4 feet per package; average .50 lbs.)

Backs: $5.00 lb. (1-2 backs per package; 1 back average 1 lb.)

Liver: $5.00 lb. (average .35 lbs. per package)

Hearts: $6.00 lb. (10 hearts per package; average .40 lbs.)

Necks: $5.00 lb. (4 necks per package; average .50 lbs. per package)



Dozen: $7.00



Whole: $9 lb. (Will be available November 2019)



Bacon: $12 lb.

Bacon Ends: $10 lb.

Bone-in Pork Chops: $12 lb.

Boneless Pork Chops: $12.50 lb.

Boston Butt: $9 lb.

Bratwurst: $10 lb.

Breakfast Sausage (Hot/ Mild): $9 lb.

Cheek Meat: $5 lb.

Chorizo: $9.50 lb.

Chorizo Pinwheel: $10.50

Fat Back: $5 lb.

Ground Pork: $8 lb.

Smoked Ham Hocks: $7 lb.

Jowls: $8 lb.

Jowl Bacon: $10 lb. 

Mild Italian Pinwheel $10.50 lb.

Italian Links: $10.50

Neck Bones: $4 lb.

Pork Belly (Fresh): $10 lb.

Pigs Feet: $4 lb.

Pork Heart: $6 lb.

Pork Kidneys: $4 lb.

Pork Liver: $4 lb.

Pinky Links (Mild Breakfast/ Maple): $10 lb.

Mild Breakfast Pinwheel: $10 lb.

Pork Tenderloin: $15 lb.

St. Louis Ribs: $9 lb.

Baby Back Ribs: $12lb.

Tongue, Ears, Tail, Melts (Spleen): $5 lb.

Turkey: (will be available December)

Ground Turkey: $10 lb.

Backs: $4 lb.

Bone-in Breast: $13 lb.

Boneless Breast: $15 lb.

Drumsticks: $9 lb.

Feet: $5 lb.

Heart: $6 lb.

Liver: $6 lb.

Neck: $4 lb.

Tenders: $17 lb.

Thigh: $9 lb.

Wings: $7 lb.

Whole Turkeys: 8 lb. Available for Thanksgiving- Pre-order only!

Email us with any questions, to place an order, set up a delivery time, or with special requests!

 Eight Arrow Farm Shirts

Adult (S, M, L, XL)- $15.00
Youth (S, M, L)- $10.00

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South Durham Farmer’s Market (Saturdays 9-12)

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Gocciolina Restaurant (3314 Guess Road, Durham, NC)

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